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Planting Garlic 2018

Varieties: Music – 19 cloves (large cloves) Armenian – 16 cloves (about 4 per head, medium to small) German Extra Hardy – 16 Pretty big cloves) Krasnodar Red – 14 (medium fattish cloves) Killarney Red – 18 (quite a few good sized cloves, some small) Northern White – 14 (very large cloves 2 or 3 […]

Apple Sauce & ACV 2018

I canned 7 pints of apple sauce (& a pint+ fpr the fridge). I got the apples at the farmers market from my favorite guy. One bag of honey crisp and one bag of mixed variety for about 12 pounds of apples. Ingredients: Apples, water, cinnamon (1 teaspoon per 6 lbs). I also used the […]

Raspberry Report 2018

The raspberry harvest is picking up on July 4th. I think that’s fairly late, though record keeping is sparse. It looks like a small harvest this year, since the tops of many of the canes didn’t leaf out. The bottoms leafed out and are producing though. My guess is that the many cold days in […]