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Today in the garden

Planted: bush beans, cukes, finally planted the last runty peppers that had been stuck in their pots – two alma paprika, one orange bell, one cayenne – original planting date was. Harvested: chammomile, strawberries

17-06-03 Chives

Processing Chive butter to freeze for later (when the potatoes are ready) Chive blossom vinegar –  almost all the recipes I looked up called for white wine vinegar but we didn’t have any on hand so I used white vinegar. Update: got some white wine vinegar later and made a smaller jar with that. I’ll have […]

Coconut Milk Fruit Topping

I created this “ice cream” recipe to use as a dessert topping for fresh berries – a delicious healthy dessert with no refined sugar. It helped me out when I was not eating sugar but still needed a treat. NOTE: This is a NO SUGAR recipe intended for eating with fresh berries or something that […]