Slippers getting a repair

Slipper Repair

Slipper with a hole worn throughI love these fair trade felt slippers so much that after a few years I’ve worn through the felt soles and even have a hole all the way through the heel. Tops are still in great shape and feel warm and cozy, so time for a new sole.

Slippers getting a repairI had some polar fleece in the house left over from another project and I was able to make use of some odd-shaped scraps that I’d saved. Yay! I sewed two layers of fleece onto the bottoms of the slippers and one layer of fleece to the footbed on the inside. It was a bit tricky to keep the inside piece straight up in the toe. I used a curved needle and some linen thread from my bookbinding supplies. Since it was tough to get through the thick felt, I just let the stitches land in a haphazard fashion rather than getting frustrated trying to make them perfect.

My slippers feel super cushy on my feet and they’re so warm again, I love them!